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For baby equipment rental, Hawaii visitors know that the best solution is Baby Aboard. Hawaii is the land of sun, beaches, and relaxation — and traveling to Hawaii with a baby can be all that and more once your baby equipment is delivered to your vacation doorstep.

From nap time to lounging on an Oahu beach, Baby Aboard products keep your little one happy, safe, and comfortable during your Hawaii stay. It’s everything you’d want from baby stores in Hawaii but with the luxury of drop-off/pick-up rentals — and with top-of-the-line products featuring brands you trust, you can feel confident in all of your Baby Aboard choices. Our Hawaii baby equipment rental selection includes:

Sleep Time: Keep your little one snug and comfy during your Hawaiian stay
Meal Time: Hawaii with a baby featuring all the comforts of home
Travel Time: Strollers, backpacks, and other on-the-go Hawaii baby equipment
Bath/Potty Time: Rent cleaned and sterilized equipment

Baby Aboard features all that and more! See more Hawaii baby equipment rental details or view our product catalog to see how fun and easy Hawaii with a baby can be!

Baby Stores In Hawaii — Delivered To You!

You’re in Hawaii to enjoy the beautiful weather, endless beaches, and unique culture –not to fret over finding baby stores in Hawaii. With Baby Aboard, your “Hawaii with a baby” vacation just got a whole lot easier. In fact, by pre-booking your baby equipment rental, Hawaii can be the relaxing getaway you’ve always dreamed about. With convenient drop-off and pick-up, it’s the luxury you just won’t get with brick-and-mortar baby stores in Hawaii.

Choose peace of mind, quality products, and top-notch service — choose Baby Aboard for your baby equipment rental. Hawaii with a baby has never been easier. View our baby equipment catalog.


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